Christmas Cards

Have you received your Christmas cards in the mail yet?
Or have you even ordered your Christmas cards?
Shutterfly still has amazing deals going on and I just received my Christmas cards in the mail today! 
I love 'em!

I went with something completely different than what I had originally thought I was going to order. We began buying stuff for Christmas decorating and the traditional "Red and Green" theme was chosen. You can't go wrong with red and green. Our cute little tree is adorable in the colors and the fabric I ordered to make our stockings is so cute. 

Next on my list is to make a list of who we are mailing cards out to, addressing the envelopes, writing the Christmas letter, stuffing the envelopes full, and sending them out. 

O, Christmas! I love this time of year so much!

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  1. I've just started filing mine out...I don't like writing as much because I have arthritis in my thumbs...I need a stamp with our name on it! =)


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