The Creative Bug

The creative bug has taken me by the hand and led me to several different crafts. 
I am SO glad too, because I was beginning to get in a creative rut. 
The best part is, the two projects I've been working on yesterday and today have cost me absolutely nothing because I have all the materials on hand. 
I knew I collected craft supplies for a reason. :)

Yesterday I began on a distressed word painting. Although I really wasn't sure I wanted to use my own hand writing with a paint brush, my husband said that I should. At first I wanted to use a vinyl decal and put it on my beautifully distressed canvas, but my husband won. I painted the words myself. I am not positive if I am happy with the way it turned out, but it may grow on me. And it does belong in my craft room so having my own handmade things in there is extra special. 

It all began with a clean slate. 
Our new guest room/craft room. The walls needed something. The room needed color and creativity. It's beginning to turn out to be my favorite room in the house. Which is great because maybe I will spend more time creating in there. The next thing I need to accomplish is to motivate my husband to build me a sewing desk and shelves......

The second project I started this morning was an inspiration board. Heard of those? They seem to be super popular these days and I have got to keep up with the crafting trends. :)

I already had a huge cork board on hand that I bought a few years ago for my first apartment. But I am not a big fan of the way it looks. It needs some creative help to be turned into a place I want to hang all of the things that inspire me. Hopefully it will turn out looking great...we will see. I'm experimenting with it. 

It will be awhile until I blog again. My husband and I are taking a quick vacation and then off to spend time with family to celebrate Thanksgiving. 

So..stay tuned. The projects will be posted in a week or so. 

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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