Guest Bedroom Makeover

Remember this room?

The lovely yellowed, almost linen like wallpaper with two other layers underneath it. Found underneath was different shades of plaster....dark green, a yellowed white, and a dark brown. 

Well...we scraped all the wallpaper off, textured over the plaster, and painted it. And don't forget...we had to do all this to the ceiling too. Wallpaper on the ceiling is one of the worst things I have came across in our home projects. 

So here is our new guest room minus all the decor that I am going to put in it.....

HUGE improvement, if I say so myself. Really, it didn't cost a lot of money to redo this room. My husband and I, plus our parents, did all of the labor. We had to buy mud to texture, paint, and a new ceiling fixture. The old ones in this house are so dated. We bought the new ones that are in our kitchen and this guest room for $40.00 total at Home Depot. Home Depot had them in sets of two for $20.00. We didn't think that $10.00 for a new light fixture was too much at all. New light fixtures always make a big difference!

This room is also going to be my craft room. In the 1st picture, in the corner, my husband is going to build me some sort of corner desk with shelves, so I can put my sewing machine on it and baskets full of crafting goodness. We still have some work left in this room and I have decorating left to do, but it sure does look a lot different! We love the difference.

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  1. Wow, that's an amazing are amazing! I can't believe there was wall paper on the ceiling...ewe!

    I love the room...I'm sure you're so happy too!


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