Our Family Picture Wall

I absolutely love this wall.
It's hard not to love. I love that there are no frames to distract from the pictures. I have nothing against frames, I love picture frames. But the look on this wall is so clean and the entire focus is on the pictures. I love that. 
I also love the fact that its now our "family wall". We can easily change out the photos with new ones of us and when our family grows.
This project didn't cost me a lot either, which I love even more. My mom bought me all of the clip frames. You can purchase them at Hobby Lobby for $3.00 each when they are running their 50% off sale on them.
They are 11x14 clip frames. I wanted to go bigger than 8x10's for this wall. I am so happy I did. All of the 11x14 pictures were free. Yes, free! How, you may ask? Referral and Participation Rewards from I Print From Home. That saved me another $30.00. So since my mom bought me the frames, this project didn't cost me anything.
A free picture wall makes me smile from ear to ear. :)


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