Where I've Been...

On my 21st birthday, I had to wake up at 5:30. 
Gross? I know.
Why? Because my husband and I had to jump into the college's minivan with 3 other people to drive all the way to Cleveland, OH. 
What for? A College Recruitment Trip.
We did stop in Huntington, IN to stay the night at a lovely couple's home. On an air mattress. 
There were no comfy beds on this trip.
We arrived in Cleveland Friday afternoon. Set up the Barclay College table at the church. Was able to take a quick peek, with coffee in hand, at Lake Erie on a private beach. Gorgeous.
Eating was another discussion all in itself. I am sick of fast food. We never got to have a nice sit down meal.
How did we get back? We drove straight through. Stops for meals, gas, and restroom breaks. And 19 1/2 hours later we were finally home.
Driving through 5 different states in one day is quite tiresome and not so kind on the body. 
Conclusion of this entire trip:
Although Ohio was pretty, we had no time to really see it. I think the guys (my husband included) did a wonderful job reaching out to kids at the Youth Explosion to put the idea in their head about Barclay College. My birthday was not fun. I think I need a birthday re-do day. I am so, so happy to be home. 
That was my weekend. How was yours?

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  1. You're just a kid! =) Happy 21st Bday!

    My weekend was spent car shopping and it was not fun either. =)


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