2010 In Review

2010 brought a lot of changes for me. Amazing changes that God blessed me with. I thought it would be fun to reflect and see all of what 2010 brought.


I moved to Red River, New Mexico to live with my Uncle Richard and Aunt Vicki. I wasn’t sure how long I was going to stay there, I just knew I wanted a change from western Kansas.
While there I worked as a waitress at the Bull Pen, met some wonderful people, and got a tattoo. Little Miss Shelbey got herself a tattoo. Crazy that was already a year ago!

Then I came back to Healy at the end of the month to see my family. I ended up setting up a date with a guy named Justin Kendall that I had been talking with on Facebook. We met in Dodge City. We had the best night and didn’t want it to end. 


I pretty much had my computer glued to my side or my phone glued to my ear talked with Justin.
He came to Red River and moved me back home at the end of this month. None of this silly long distance stuff.  :)


My sister put on “Healy’s Top Model” in the school for the elementary girls. It was an inspirational program that she put on that ended with a run way show at the end. I was able to help the night of the show. I was so proud of her.

This is what I looked like then. My preggo hips cannot fit in these jeans anymore....at all. Wayyyy too tight!

I also went on Spring Break with Justin’s family to San Antonio. Big step, I know. And so soon, but I had a blast and loved his family. 

Justin and I also drove to Topeka to celebrate Miss Finlee’s 1st birthday. (My best friend’s little girl) 


I got to babysit Isaac, the baby of the woman that introduced Justin and I on Facebook. I love babies.

My sister had her last prom. Justin was able to be there too. She was so gorgeous.


Justin proposed. I said yes. We decided to plan a wedding in a month.


I became Mrs. Justin Kendall. That day will always be in my Top 5 best days of my life.


We shared our first holiday together as a married couple, July 4th.

We went on our honeymoon to Marathon, FL. 


I began school and the Volleyball season began for my husband, the coach. 


Big FAT positive. Yes, we found out we were pregnant with our first. :) This day was super, super exciting for both of us. I could barely contain myself before Justin came home.


This month was  filled with many days on the couch feeling sick while doing homework while my husband was at work or on the road to Volleyball games. 


Thanksgiving with my family this year. My sister was able to attend.


Our first Christmas together. I wish I had pictures of this, my mom has them on her camera so I will have to steal them from her. :) My husband surprised me with a Silhouette machine and our baby even received a couple of gifts. 

Wow! What a blessed year. 

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  1. Loved the pictures of you and your husband! God bless the rest of your pregnancy!


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