26 Weeks

(technically 26 weeks, 1 day)

How time has flown since we found out we were expecting.
I am at 26 weeks, a week away from entering the Third Trimester.

Some days it feels so unreal that in just a little over 3 months we will be welcoming our little baby boy in the world.

This is just such an amazing gift that God has given both of us.

We both enjoy feeling him kicking. He has officially kicked my husband in the head and the rear end.
You may wonder how that is possible

Well my husband was talking to him one evening and had his cheek down on my belly and our son kicked him in the cheek.

Then one night in bed I was snuggling up behind my husband and the baby decided to start kicking pretty hard where my husband could feel him kicking his rear end.

I find it pretty funny.
To me, our son already has a great sense of humor.

Here is a picture of me at 26 weeks...

I am wearing my Lilac Maternity jeans, which I wear all the time. I really need to invest in a second pair. But my tops are still my regular tops. I could only get two buttons to button though. And it took me a long time to button them. It was a pretty tight squeeze.


  1. You look great! I get soooo big. I had my appointment last night and found out I gained 7lbs last month! OOPS!!! We had the ultrasound and decided to leave the gender a surprise, too.

  2. Thanks you two!

    Don't worry....at 5 month appointment I gained 9 lbs. I am hoping I didn't gain that much for my 6 month appointment on Monday.

    Aren't ultrasounds amazing? I loved watching our little boy move around.

  3. How adorable. This post brings back happy memories. Time sure flies. I love the design of your blog, BTW!

    Warmly, Michelle


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