Learning to Live Simply

Our world always seems to be turning faster.
We are busy.
There is always something to cross off that To-Do List.

How can we live simply in a fast paced world?
How can we slow ourselves down?
Can we?
Is it even possible?

I have began using the idea, Live Simply. 

It's not only for myself, my sanity, my husband's sanity, but for my relationship with God. 
I cannot keep stressing about stuff. 
What does this stuff even do for us anyways?

Sure, I love some of my stuff.
Some of it makes me smile and happy, but not as happy as the simple things around me.

Every woman treasures something in her closet. The clothes, the shoes, and for me it was the bras. Yes, honestly. I had a small addiction to Victoria's Secret. I gave that up. 


How can you so easily give up something that you loved so much?
You should have seen my drawer of bras. Seriously.
I think my husband thought I had a problem.

Since being pregnant and coming to the realization that I want to provide whatever I can for my little boy, I have began to toss away my addictions that included stuff. It may have helped that my bras no longer fit like they used to and I know I will be using nursing bras for awhile afterward, but still I rid myself of half of my Victoria's Secret bra collection. Who honestly needs over twenty bras anyways? I need to simplify. 

That being said, I went through my closet even more. I have two huge black garbage bags filled up ready to take to Goodwill. Because, even though I thought I needed those items hanging in my closet and stuffed into my drawers, someone else needs them more than I do. 

In doing this I have realized that living simply could be one of the most amazing gifts I could have ever given myself. Next up is my husband's side of the closet and his dresser. 

My goal: Keep what we need, a few things that we absolutely love, and begin living more simply. 

It is beginning in our closet. 
Soon I will spread the concept out throughout our entire house. 
The junk. The stuff that sticks out of the drawers. The boxes full of things that we "think" we may need someday.

It will be gone. 

Because who really needs the stuff?
The artificial stuff that is.

Here is the stuff that I do need and cherish daily.

My husband's love.

My baby boy's kicks coming from inside. The joy that provides me is more than I could ever imagine.

The friendships that I find in this small community I live in.

The friendships that are far away, but still so close in my heart.

God. And everything that He has provided me. 

My family. 

Sunshine. I love that bright yellow, happy contagious stuff. 

The unexpected blessings. 

The joy and happiness that I receive from this kind of stuff fills me so much more than the artificial stuff that surrounds me.

I am not saying that I don't want things for myself to feel pretty, things to decorate our happy home, or nice things to spoil our baby boy with. 
I just want to always remember what stuff is really important. 

Live Simply, so I can see the importance in that smile that my husband gives me hundreds of times daily. 

Live Simply, so I can appreciate what God has blessed me with. 

Live Simply, so I can smile when I see God's beauty.

Live Simply, so when I go to bed each night, I can say a little prayer for the stuff that matters to me in my life.

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