Nursery Progress

The room is finally being put together. With the walls mudded, textured, and primed, the nursery now looks so bright and new. This week we are working on getting it painted.

I picked out a different color than my original plan.

After picking out the fabrics for the nursery I decided I didn't want green walls. I wanted something that was lighter and neutral. Something that the bright colors of the fabrics would pop against as well as the white nursery furniture. 

I picked out a light silver. 

It's by Glidden and it's called "Silver Quill", I believe. It's super light and I can't wait to get it on the walls to see if it's what is what I have envisioned.

I have the gift from my dad to be able to see projects in the making. Which can be a problem sometimes, but also a great gift. I can already picture what the nursery looks like.

A gorgeous little room with hardwood floors. The walls painted a light silver with a white crib, white dresser, and white glider rocker. A little white round rug spread out in the middle of the nursery. Bright teal, green, black, and gray fabric adorns the crib, the rocker, the windows, and the lampshade. I have the rest of the decor also pictured, but it's a surprise in new projects to come because they are being made.

Here is a reminder of the room sheetrocked.

Little by little this baby boy is having a room created for him made for a prince. :)

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  1. It is getting there! My poor neice, she is now 9 months old and her room still isn't done. I think you are farther than they are!


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