30 Weeks

It's crazy how much love I feel for the little boy that resides in this *always growing* belly of mine. I cannot believe in about 10 more weeks we will be meeting this little guy. I really never realize how big my belly is until I see a picture of it. It amazes me that there is a baby growing in there. I love watch as my belly shakes from him kicking inside and I especially love it when my husband is able to feel him kicking too. It makes it that much more special knowing that God let us create the baby boy that we will soon be holding.

A few things about this pregnancy and 30 weeks...
  • At my last appointment (6 months), I had gained 22 lbs. Wowza!
  • According to BabyCenter he weighs about 3 lbs. at 30 weeks.
  • I do not have many cravings anymore just the main one- food.
  • I wear maternity jeans and sweatpants, but I still wear my normal shirts.
  • I do not sleep well and have very vivid, strange dreams every night.
And this is how I feel most of the time....


  1. LOL...I had to laugh at the Toot! =)

    Wow...you're all baby...I'm thinking he's a little bigger than 3lbs! =) I miss those days. They pass so quickly...and while you're in the middle of the labor...just remember it will pass too! =)

    Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. Hey! We match! :) I am even outgrowing my maternity shirts, though. Lately the kids have been really excited to feel the baby move. Sometimes the girls fight over my belly!

  3. Yes, there is a lot of baby there! The little guy is going to be a chub at this rate. :) And I agree I really laughed at the toot!

    How fun! It is exciting to feel the baby moving around. How cute that they fight over being able to feel their baby sibling move around.


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