Spring Has Sprung on Our Porch

I actually love our porch.
We are able to have enough room to have a loveseat and two chaise lounge chairs.
And although some paint would do our house a lot of good and our porch could really use some paint as well, sometimes the distressed, chipping paint look doesn't bother me when I can add some vibrant colors up against it.
One thing I would love, if it was ever possible on our rental, is a new screen door. I think that would improve the look of the front of our house so much. I want a glass screen door where dogs and babies can see out when it is closed. :)

I can dream.

I also want to paint our front door. 
Maybe a bright turquoise. 
Something cheerful to brighten it up and make everyone smile when they came to our front door.

We received our "welcome mat" from my Grandma and Grandpa for Christmas this year. I love it on our porch. You may be wondering what is going on in our purple pot. Well, it was flowers from last year and they are still green from being inside all year. We are seeing if they will come back and bloom.

I have had this wreath up for awhile, but added the lime green polka dot bow for a little spring fun.

More flowers in pots, one of my favorite things about spring and summer. I also used a glass jar. I thought it looked cute. The decoupaged butterfly "K" is from our wedding. I used it on the guest book table I believe.

I whipped up this chalkboard beauty myself. I'm excited for all the possibilities of sayings I can put on it. :)
Tutorial coming soon.

There are a few other things I want to get for our front porch including a small, very colorful outdoor rug to put on one side of the porch and a new garden flag for our holder in the front of our porch. I also think a hanging basket full of flowers would be neat somewhere. 

We'll see what the hubby lets me do. :)

I think porches are important on a home. I love to sit outside and enjoy the company of my husband, family or friends while watching the world pass by on the street in front of us. I love taking a book out on the porch and enjoying a cool breeze. I cannot wait to rock a little baby to sleep on the loveseat rocker that sits on our front porch. :) That will probably be my most favorite thing to do on the porch this summer.

Are you sprucing up your porch for Spring?

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