I know that paying bills is not anyone's favorite past time. 
Actually...I've always found it a bit depressing.

You realize how much money you spent. 
On groceries.
On vacation.
On new baby stuff.
On home decorating or remodeling projects. 
On fuel.
On anything that came up that was an emergency buy. 

Then you have your bills that you receive each month that are expected.
Your electricity bill.
Your telephone, television, and internet bill.
Your cell phone bill.
Your gas bill.
Your insurance bills. 
Your city bill. 
Your rent or mortgage payment.

And you begin to wonder how you ever thought a paycheck could be spread so thin?
You begin to wonder if some of the purchases you made were necessary?
Did I really need that?
Should we have really splurged on that $10 item?
Yes, $10 sometimes plays such a huge role.

Well stress no more!
I have began the running budget book on a columnar ruled pad.
It does take work, but I can see where our money goes.
I can see if we can afford to go out to eat that evening or if I can order that popular baby item that everyone is raving over.
I started using the budget last week and already I am less stressed. Knowing that you have or don't have the money to do something makes it so much easier. The unknown is what is stressful.

In everything we do, we must remember that God will provide. 
I have always stressed about money.
Money is a subject that is super easy to stress over.
But in the end God always provides.
He does it over and over again.

I need to remember to let go and let God more often. I need to remember that He has always provided for me. He has always provided for my husband. He will provide for us together and will provide for our growing family. We are all so rich in other areas of our life. Love, family, friends.

So every day I just repeat to myself.

He provides. He provides. He provides. And I am thankful.

I can't help but think that God also provided this budgeting process, that my parent's have used themselves, to help relieve my stress so I can understand better that money should not be stressed over so much. That He will provide for my family and I. That we do have more than enough.

So in the end...I am thankful.

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