Glider Rocker + More Nursery Pictures

Justin finished the glider rocker last weekend. He was painting it white to match the rest of the nursery furniture. The wood color it was before matched all of the woodwork, closet doors, and hardwood floor in the nursery and it was overkill. The white really makes the chair pop and makes it look brand new. 

I also whipped up a simple window valance to dress up the window a little.
The pillow on the chair was another quick project I stitched together. I am still going to heat transfer a motorcycle or his initial on that pillow and make another pillow for decor. 

So here are some more pictures of our little nursery that is coming together very nicely. 
Entering his nursery...

This was a little wicker basket that my mother-in-law had. I painted it this bright turquoise to add a pop of color to his room for his clothes hamper. 
And our countdown is really beginning to look tiny until his due date!

I started this countdown at 43 we are down to 4 until his due date. Any day now he could decide to arrive!


  1. So adorable! Any news from the doctor on how you're progressing? I was 2 weeks overdue with my #1. I'm praying for you to go soon!

  2. Thanks! We've had a lot of fun putting this nursery together. :)

    No news, just that he is a very strong healthy baby and on Monday the Dr. estimated him to be around 7 lbs.

    I hope I don't go too far past his due date! Thanks for the prayers. :) They are much appreciated.


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