Trying to Learn How to Find Time With a Baby

Here's our little family. This picture was taken on our 1 year anniversary. What a beautiful way to celebrate a year of joy and love with the most amazing man! Bryson is the best gift that God could have given us. We love him so so much and can't believe that he's ours!

On another is super hard to find time to do anything with a newborn. 
Dishes are in the sink, laundry is piling up in the basket, our house looks like Babies 'R Us threw up all over it, any and all house/craft projects are put on hold, because this little one eats up all of my time. I knew that having a baby around the house would be time consuming but I didn't know that it would be all I could do. 

I also developed mastitis. So I've been in some pain the last week and unfortunately had to go to only pumping instead of nursing because of it. Plus, we have decided to switch to formula. It is odd but the infection/medication has started to dry up my milk. 

It's all worth it though for Bryson. He's such a good baby. :)

We love him.

So, I think we'll keep him. :)

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  1. He's so cute. You'll learn how to juggle the just have to make sure that when the baby is resting, you get busy doing the things you couldn't while he was awake! =)

    Sorry about your mastitis...I have heard that is terribly painful...praying you heal very quickly.


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