Losing the Baby Weight

3 days after my 6 week appointment (I waited until the weekend was over), I began working out to start losing the baby weight that I gained with Bryson. I gained 53 lbs with him and lost 17lbs in a week after having Bryson and another 6 lbs before my 6 week appointment. I am down to 165 lbs with a goal weight of 135. 30 more pounds to go! Which is completely insane to me. I've never dealt with "having" to lose the weight.

It's amazing what a woman's body can do to grow a baby and give birth. 

But a woman's body afterwards? It's been through an all out war. 

I've began to think that it's so much easier to be a man when it comes to the after baby effects.

A woman's body will never be the same. 

There are stretch marks, which I am trying to get myself to call love marks, since my body was used to grow something that both my husband and I love more than anything we could imagine. 

There is an awful amount of extra baggage leftover for birth. That baggage can actually be referred to as baby fat, but baggage sounds better than that!

Nothing fits right. My skinny jeans are in a box collecting dust. My adorable shirts cannot fit because my arms have gained weight. My once size 4 body is sizes beyond that. 

Even my shoes are too tight. I think my feet are wider and they actually grew a little. Possible? Not sure, but it happened!

My body is far from what it used to be. Can I get it back? I sure hope so and I am trying.

My husband and I started this program called Couch to 5K. 

It's been tough, but I love how it gradually gets you going with running/jogging. I am feeling a little stronger, although the jogging still kills me. We are on week 3 of the program. There are 9 weeks total and by the 9th week you are running for 30 minutes or 3 miles. It's crazy to know that I will be doing that in only 6 more weeks, but I am excited. 
If you don't like to run or have a hard time getting motivated to do it because you burn out, try this program. It's an encouraging program. I've never been a runner, only springs in Jr. High. But through this program, I believe that I will be running a 5K by the end of September. 

The hubs and I are going to sign up for the 5K that is put on in our small town at the end of October, the Run for Missions. We are both very excited that we'll be able to participate in it and it gives us more time from the end of this program to start cutting our time for a 3 mile run. 

This crazy thing called zumba everyone is talking about that is super popular, I'm starting that this week too. I am lucky enough to have an amazing woman here in town that does zumba classes two times a week only a couple blocks from where I live. :) Whoo hoo! In high school I loved to dance. I was on the cheer squad and choreographed a few dance routines. Dancing was my favorite. It still is and I am thrilled to get into zumba, which has some "dance like" moves involved. 
I'd also love to do some yoga, but I think I'll just still to these two things until I get in the exercise groove and get a real routine down once my classes begin this month. I believe that I am going to be one busy momma. 
So I have this out for the entire world to see!

This is me before heading to the hospital to be induced 9 days over my due date. (He wasn't born until 11 days after his due date!)


This is me 14 months ago, my ideal weight of 135lbs.

I have 30 lbs to go and I am very hopeful that I will be dropping those pounds since I am really beginning to exercise.

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