Hitting the Jackpot

Last night was the drawing for the $640 million dollar jackpot. I had been having a very lucky week and both my husband and mom joked that I should go purchased a ticket. I contemplated going and buying one because of the "what if's".

I didn't purchase a ticket.

My husband and I sat on our porch last night enjoying the oddly warm temperature that has come with this last week of March. He again says that I need to go buy a ticket, just in case.

I didn't purchase a ticket.

Last night I came to the realization that although I would love to never worry about money and finances again, I wouldn't want to change the life that I have now. Sure we could have our dream home built, put up money for our children's college education, donate a ton of money to Barclay College (where my husband works), our church and charities we feel passionate about. I could purchase the perfect beat up Volkswagon beetle and bumper sticker the heck out of it. Yes, that truly is my dream car. I wouldn't have to worry about purchasing an extra $30 item in the month because we could easily afford it.

But what would I give up if we actually did happen to win millions of dollars.

There would be a ton of publicity around winning and people asking for money. There would be friends that would be angry with you if you didn't share with them enough. People might be jealous and treat us horribly for our lucky fortune.

Everyone always says that they really wouldn't change when they won, but they do. How could you not change, even just a little, from going to scraping by to millionaire?

*To the lucky three who won last night, I wish you all the best. God has given you an amazing opportunity to make a difference in your life and the lives of many others. I pray that you have family and friends who truly care and love you deeply.*  

I admit. I would miss the life that I have now. I would miss having to coupon and being thrifty. I'd say that I would still do that if I won as well, but how do I really know for sure? I'd miss the simplicity of my life.

As much as I stress about finances, schooling, keeping the house clean, laundry, exercise and so much more...I honestly love my life. In my own eyes, I've already won the jackpot. God has provided all that I need and more.

{Thank you God for letting me win the jackpot every single day. I have the opportunity to wake up every morning and realize that I am a millionaire with the riches that you have already provided for me. A roof over my head, a loving, caring husband who provides laying beside me, a beautiful baby boy sleeping in the room next door, extended family and friends who care deeply for me and opportunites to grow in You. Amen.}

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