New Addiction: Yogurt Parfait

While we were traveling on Spring Break for my husband's job I became addicted to yogurt parfaits at both Subway and McDonald's. I was trying to find a healthy alternative on our fast food budget. They were sweet, delicious, fruity and inexpensive.

When we arrived back home I decided that I wanted to make them myself so I can always enjoy the treat. I had some granola on hand from an earlier couponing excursion, but need fruit and yogurt. I purchased plain low fat yogurt, strawberries and a sugar free strawberry glaze. For future reference I need to purchase low fat vanilla yogurt. The plain made the parfait a little too bitter for my taste.

I simply spooned some yogurt in the cup, then some cut up strawberries, a spoonful of glaze and then more yogurt on top of that. I put tin foil on top so I can put it in the fridge overnight so I could have a yummy, easy breakfast. When I took it out I simply sprinkled some granola on top. Pretty easy.

My yogurt parfait creation.

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