Target and Frozen Yogurt

Yesterday B and I traveled a little over an hour to go visit my sister. It is her Spring Break and we needed to finish up some Easter basket shopping as well as have a day out.

I think one of the challenges of being a stay at home mom is needing to get out of the house, even with the baby on the hip. I know that I get a little stir crazy. I need some different scenery, different activities, different schedule.

After a {challenging} car ride, we finally arrived and ventured off to Target.

Yay for Target!

He helped select some of his Easter basket items....
Then we went off to McDonald's to have lunch. My requirements for lunch were fast, easy and affordable. Fortunately I believe that McDonald's is truly trying to create healthier menu items even when it comes to the Children's menu. B will not eat baby food. He wants to eat finger foods constantly. I have to say that I actually enjoyed McDonald's. :)

We then went to Smith's Market which has an amazing selection of fresh vegetables and fruit and organic, natural products. I could have spent so much money in there!

Then it was off for an afternoon treat...frozen yogurt!

This is his new face that he makes...a LOT!

Who wouldn't want to take this adorable little boy out? :)

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