A Very {Lucky} Crazy Day

Yesterday morning began like any other day. I woke up listening to Bryson talking on the baby monitor even though I could hear him through our shared bedroom wall. I slowly slipped out of bed and retrieved him from his crib. We watched part of "The Little Engine That Could" in bed together, then I began getting around for the day while he played with my basket full of hair goodies. He loves the red "Big Sexy Hair" hairspray can. :) Breakfast and then the crazy luck began!

I put B in a cloth diaper. So cute! Then hopped online.

I was one of (in)courage's winners for a Truly Beautiful Make-up Bag for signing up for (in)RL!

B and I headed off for our post office run to see Grandma. Snack time when we were back home, changed a poopy cloth diaper and I survived. So easy! Then it was nap time.

I jumped back onto my laptop to get ready to play for Free Shoesday on DSW's Facebook page.

DSW is my favorite shoe store and I have won Free Shoesday in the past. The last time I won was in May of 2011 before I had B. So it had been awhile since I had scored some free shoes. Right now they are giving away 50 $50 giftcards instead of the normal 25 winners.

....I WON!

Not only did I win a $50 giftcard to DSW, but Anise Cosmetics also gave the winners nail polish. I can't wait to receive it!

I am not sure what shoes I am planning on purchasing, but I do know that this momma needs some heels! I wear flats all of the time and I am ready for some extra girliness.

I also made $6.00 taking surveys yesterday. This may not seem like a huge amount...but over the course of nine days I have made $40.00 taking surveys. That is an extra $40.00 that we did not have before and every little bit helps.

God provides and I am thankful! He is always looking out for my family. I was so excited...and still am! I am having a tough(er) week with some homework and housework, so the fun free prizes really made me smile. : )

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