My Momma Instinct

We have a rental inside of our rental. The tenants who stay there are only there for a few months out of the year. They do not take up much space. They sing to us all day long. They have many children but they fly the nest quite frequently. Literally.

We have a little nest up in our porch. Last year mommy and daddy bird had 20 eggs hatch from spring to the end of summer. They are house finches as far as we can tell and we actually love having them up there. It is fun to watch them prepare the nest and then see the little eggs inside. Then eventually we see little baby bird beaks poking up through the grass of the nest. So adorable!

Where do my own momma instincts come into this you may be wondering?

I am a little attached to my mommy bird.

Our neighbors who just moved in next door a few months ago brought their cats.

Cats + Birds....

I am sure you can add up what I am getting at.

They have two cats that like to climb all over our porch. They leave their fur in our doormat, they have used our potted plants like a litter box and we've even caught one sleeping in our baby's stroller! The stroller part almost sent me over the edge.

However, I didn't even think about mommy bird until last night. When there was one of these cats on our porch. Looking up at mommy bird from a railing. Mommy bird was not going to leave her babies. Even though the cat did not want the eggs. Us mommies prefer to stick with our babes. We protect matter what.

Well I wasn't going to let a silly cat take away the mommy to those helpless eggs.

First I chased him off.

Then out came the cayenne pepper.

Oh, yes.

I did.

I gave the cayenne pepper to my husband and told him to sprinkle it out on our flower beds in front of the porch. The cat was jumping from our flower beds onto our railing.

I hope it taught him a lesson.

If it did not...the ammonia in the spray bottle is coming out.

If that doesn't work....that cat and I are going to have some serious words. If anything happens to mommy bird that cat is going to have to answer to it.

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