Many times you hear from others that you make staying at home with your child look like a breeze. You are always put together, your child is always diapered and fed, you are out and about taking him places, every time I come over your house is clean, you are able to keep up with your college studies....."I don't know how you do it all."

The reality: I do not know either.

Another reality: I do not feel like I have it all together.

I struggle.

A lot.

It isn't easy being a stay at home momma. It isn't easy being a full time college student. It isn't easy combining the two.

Some days I wonder how I keep my sanity. Some days I do not.

I am tired all the time. So is my husband. We haven't found out what works best, but we are trying. I usually have to complete my homework in the evenings which causes my husband to be on his own. We do not have a lot of time together as a couple, bu we make it work.

Fortunately our son is an awesome sleeper at night so that eliminates having to wake up several times during the night with him. Instead of being zombies, we are just tired from late night homework and chores.

I honestly do not know how parents do that. The whole waking up all the time thing. I've heard of parents who struggle with it all the way until the child is two or three years old.

Our second child will probably be like that....

That would be proper payback for a baby who has slept through the night since he was two weeks old.

The point is just because I look like I may have it all together does not mean that I do. If I am excelling it one area I am usually failing in another. I give and take here or there. It is all about finding a balance. I'm still working on finding a balance that works for me. :)

What do you do to find your balance? Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

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