Why We Tithe

Some families who bring in lower incomes tend to reduce their 10% tithe or get rid of it all together. After all, it is a big chunk of money when you are making enough to cover the bills plus few extras. Even though we have our own financial struggles, my husband and I both feel very strongly about giving God our 10% every month.

You may wonder why it is so important to tithe from your income.

Here is a list of reasons why we tithe.

  • The money was not ours to begin with. Everything we receive in life we believe comes from our Father. Giving 10% back is the least we can do with the blessings He pours out on us.
  • It supports our community church. We want our church to grow and do all it can in Christ.
  • I believe that if you give back to God, He will always, always provide for you. We have had several circumstances where we did not know how we would afford to buy simple, needed items, but somehow we have never been without. He has always provided for us.
  • That 10% may have done a lot for our own budget, but it can do much more through God.
God provides. In so many ways.

Last month we knew that we were going to have to purchase B some new shoes. Babies go through sizes so quickly. Since he is in the beginning stages of walking (pulling up and standing on his own) we knew that we wanted good quality shoes for him.

Pedipeds are our favorites. I was able to purchase his first pair of Pedipeds for $10 shipped. A real steal if you ask me. However, I had not seen any recent deals come up for Pedipeds and I knew we were going to have to spend over $30 to buy B a pair of shoes. $30 is a lot in our budget. Some months $30 can put us over our budget if we are not careful. So I was beginning to be super frugal and save up for those precious, important shoes.

On Facebook I noticed that Pediped was having a contest. You simply had to upload your child's photo wearing their Pedipeds to enter to win a free pair of shoes. I hurried and submitted his photo and went on about my day. I had completely forgot that I had entered his photo by the end of the week.

The next Monday we are on the road for my husband's job and I opened up my Facebook to do a quick check. I had a message and it was from Pediped. B's photo was one of the three chosen for a free pair of shoes! I was so excited I almost cried. I am sure my husband thought I was crazy. God knew that B needed a new pair of shoes...He provided exactly what we needed. How amazing is that?

What is the point of this story with the posting on tithing? We could have had the funds for the shoes if we didn't tithe. However, we already know that God can do so much more with our small 10%. And in the end B still received his pair of shoes that he needed. God provides for His children in some way or another. We trust God with our finances and He always makes sure that we have everything we need.

Whether you give $10 a month or your 10%.....give to God and He will take care of you. He is a faithful, loving Father who cares for us all deeply.


  1. I needed to hear this today! Perfect timing! Thanks, friend!

  2. :) I am glad that God worked this out so that it was the perfect timing for you.


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