Christmas in July

Saving money affects all aspects of spending money. This includes Christmas shopping. Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I  love to give so sometimes it can cause quite a dilemma of how much it costs to purchase Christmas presents for everyone.

Last year I had done a little of my Christmas shopping ahead but I wasn't too proactive about it. This year is a completely different story. I am proud to say that if we had to have Christmas in July...I would be prepared.

I refigured our monthly budget to include a column for Birthday and Christmas gifts. We are able to set aside $75 a month. With this budget we cannot go crazy buying gifts for anyone including B and gifts to each other. However, I know it is absolutely doable.

This gives us $900 for the year. Some people probably spend that just to celebrate a spouse's or child's birthday. I have seen some of the crazy gift lists that include Ipads, a shopping trip to buy some new clothes as well as some other fun purchases thrown in there.

How will I purchase awesome gifts and stay under my budget?

Shopping ahead.

Along with my love of Christmas...I also have a deep love for sale shopping.

If I am able to plan ahead and buy items when they are on sale I can purchase amazing items at deep discounts. I will not mention who I purchased for this year, but I bought a gift that retailed for $140 for $29 on a deal site. I love that I am still able to purchase expensive items for a fraction of the retail price. It seems like you spend a fortune, but really you spent just as much as you would have buying a couple gift items a Walmart. :)

And I am able to shop ahead because I have a dedicated column in my budget for those Christmas gifts.

I am a little obsessed with shopping and budgeting. Fortunately I can use both of them together and it keeps me in check.

What do you do to save money for the Christmas shopping season? Are you saving up already for December?

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