The Dreaded Baby Weight

I wanted to write a blog post over the struggle with post pregnancy weight. I am still working to where I want to be at which is wedding dress weight, but I have hit my pre-baby weight. I have really struggled with baby weight and my self image because of it. I look back at photographs from our engagement, wedding, honeymoon and others before we were pregnant and it makes me slightly jealous of the woman I see before me. I was so skinny and I want to be back to that.

I gained 53 pounds by the time I went into the hospital to have B....then I labored for over 30 hours and he finally appeared 11 days past his due date. I lost 17 pounds when I walked out those hospital doors with B in my arms. That means I still had 36 pounds to lose to get back down to my pre baby weight. Those 36 pounds have not come off easily.

With hard work of watching what I eat, eating healthier foods and exercising many days a week I am happy to say that when B turned 10 months old I was back down to pre-baby weight. Even though I am at pre-baby weight the weight is distrubted differently. I do not think my hips will ever be the same!

To show you the real process I've decided to post photographs of myself along the way. It was scary diving back through these pictures of myself. I have not enjoyed carrying the extra weight and do not like to see that there are photographs proving that I once had all of this baby weight.  

I hope that these photographs will encourage some other mommas that struggle with post pregnancy weight. You are not alone.

My Beautiful Wedding Day at a wonderful 130lbs.

Heading to the hospital....

I was pretty sure I was going to pop!

Getting ready to head home after giving birth to our 9 lb 4 oz bundle of joy.

Enjoying our baby boy at home for the first week.

3 Months after having B.

4 Months after having B.

Christmastime! 6 Months after having B.

8 Months after having B.

Showing some leg! Easter...10 Months after having B.

10 Months after having B and down to 135 lbs. Pregnancy weight is gone!

My parents, husband, sister and us of course! :)

As I look back on these I keep telling myself to make sure to not gain that much weight when we decide to have our second child. It was a very hard journey, but worth it.

To all of those mommas that easily drop the baby weight in a couple of are extremely blessed. : )

Keep pushing through mommas! The weight will come off with some persistence. In the meantime...look at your beautiful child(ren). What an amazing gift and worth everything you've been through.


  1. That is such an inspiring post!! I have had four daughters in the past 6 years, and am hanging on to about 10 pounds from each of them still...and the youngest is 16 months!
    Lately I've been using the myfitnesspal app on my iPhone, and I picked up running. after 1 year of eating right and working out, my weight is FINALLY starting to go I just need to stick with it and stop overeating! LOL
    I'll be visiting this post often for inspiration on how it CAN be :)

  2. Awww! Thank you so much for your kind words Jade. Baby weight can be such a difficult thing to get rid of. It seems to just want to hang on. Right now I am dealing with getting my tummy back into a somewhat "flat" state. It's difficult.
    My Fitness Pal is awesome! That is what I used along with Zumba in order to lose 25 lbs of the 30 lbs I lost. Keep pushing! It will come off wih persistence. And I hear ya on the overeating! :)


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