Our House- After

Here it is in all it's beauty. I am totally smitten with everything.

"Hiding" and finding that funny.

Oh yes...that is a turquoise door you spot!

This will be the perfect spot to relax with a cool iced tea this summer.

He really is "SO" Big.

My new flower pots I bought at TJ Maxx. Two of my favorite colors. Love them!

I absolutely love love love the way our house turned out. It is always a nervous process picking out the color for your house, but in the end it turned out more than perfect. I love the turquoise door. I painted that on Sunday and decided to paint the house numbers the same color to really make it pop. We have a new storm door to install that is all glass so the entire turquoise door will be visible. That will change the look as well. I can't wait!

Hope you love it as much as me!


  1. I LOOOOVVVVEEEE it!! Especially the turquoise..that was genius! Love you!!

  2. Looks fab, Shelbey!
    My husband and I are painting our ugly green house this weekend--I can't wait!

    P.S. DIGGIN' the turquoise door--it's my fave color!


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