B's Mustache Bash

B turned ONE on Sunday!
I am not sure where time went this past year and it scares me that time will continue to fly by just as quickly. However, I do absolutely love the age that he is at right now. He has been walking everywhere for over three weeks now, walking so fast that it sometimes turns into a run and then crash, learning new signs all of the time and using them to communicate along with babbling, saying "dada", beginning to throw a ball correctly and so much more. It is so much fun to watch him learn and grow daily. I am so thankful to be a stay at home momma.

His theme for his party was "Mustache Bash". Classy!
I wanted sometimes different and not too childish. We went with the colors turquoise, lime green and orange and I think it turned out great.

My sister made Red Velvet and White Cake Pops for the occassion. Those were a big hit! I also used an amazing homemade chocolate cupcake recipe. Yummy! They were the best chocolate cupcakes I have ever made and the cream cheese frosting I made from scratch was delish.

We made mustaches on pixy sticks using my Silhouette machine. I also ordered the sweet straws to coordinate. Aren't they adorable?

Yes, B wore a tie. Totally handsome. The balloon banner we made the morning of B's party. I found an awesome tutorial to make my own so I ordered balloons in the colors I picked out and we figured it out. I think it turned out pretty neat. B loved the balloons.

B even decided to quickly grow a mustache for the occassion. :)

My baby is one! He loved the cupcake. At first he only would stick his finger in the frosting and lick it. He did that for what seemed like forever until he realized he could pull the cupcake apart. He had a quick bath after the cupcake eating really began.

My sweet family. I can't imagine loving any two people more than I do now but I know that my loves only continues to grow for them daily. God has blessed me with an amazing family.

Happy Birthday B! You are so, so loved!

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