Living Richly on a Small Budget: Definition

I know that finances are something that people would rather not have to deal with.

Especially for those who have small incomes.

I’ve always liked to sale shop. Even though it was sale shopping I still tended to spend all of my income without putting anything into savings before my husband and I were married. I wanted to “keep up” with the trends and items people had around me. I never understood and still have a problem understanding how some people afford everything that they do. I guess it is just a difficult concept for me to grasp people going on thousand dollar shopping sprees. Heck! Even hundred dollar shopping sprees are hard for me to wrap my mind around.

When my husband and I were married we knew that we were going to be on a small budget. We are a one income family and we knew that when we had children I would be a stay at home momma until all the children were in school. Our first child just turned one.

I am starting a series of how our family lives on our small budget, but I think before we can focus on the money that God has blessed us with we need to look at the definition of the word rich.

According to Merriam-Webster (2012) there are eight different definitions of rich.
“Definition of RICH
1: having abundant possessions and especially material wealth

a : having high value or quality
b : well supplied or endowed <a city rich in traditions>
3: magnificently impressive : sumptuous

a : vivid and deep in color <a rich red>
b : full and mellow in tone and quality <a rich voice>
c : having a strong fragrance <rich perfumes>

5: highly productive or remunerative <a rich mine>

a : having abundant plant nutrients <rich soil>
b : highly seasoned, fatty, oily, or sweet <rich foods>
c : high in the combustible component <a rich fuel mixture>
d : high in some component <cholesterol-rich foods>
a : entertainingalso : laughable
b : meaningfulsignificant <rich allusions>
c : lush <rich meadows>
8: pure or nearly pure <rich lime>”

Yes, rich can mean having material wealth; however the other definitions of rich are refreshing. I can happily say that we are well supplied or well endowed in happiness and love. Our lives are highly valued in the eyes of the Lord. We are productive in our lives being an example of Christ. Sometimes I think that I am highly sweet full of rich food. : ) I like to think that we are entertaining at times. I love that the word laughable is in the definition of rich. We do laugh a lot because we enjoy the blessings that God has given us in our life. We try to be pure in our intentions and pure in the life that we live for the Lord.

You can live richly on any budget. You just need to change your definition of the word “rich”.

You may be thinking…so how is this going to help me learn how to stretch my budget?

I believe that we first need to recognize what is important in life. We need to focus less on worldly goods and more on Him. In doing so, we begin to realize what truly matters in our life. We begin to realize how much God has blessed us. We begin to see our budget in an entirely new light. Once you see your income as a blessing from God, your perspective changes. It is not a small amount, it is a huge blessing. 

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