Marbles Crosses are now In Stock!

I've began making a few marble crosses over the weekend so that I can have a steady supply of marble crosses in my etsy shop. These are ready to ship so you do not have to wait for custom order times. 

Here are a couple that are in the shop right now that I am in love with....

I really want to keep the turquoise/lime green one for myself. It is so much fun! These are "Limited Edition" because I purchased the marbles in little bagged sets. There were only enough marbles in each set to make one cross...fancy that! So I do not have enough marbles on hand to recreate these crosses. If there is a huge demand for a Limited Edition cross there is a possibility that I can find the marbles again and whip a couple more up. 

Don't wait! Purchase your Marble Cross now! They make wonderful gifts for all occasions.

Use the code "BLOGLOVE" for 10% off your purchase price. 

Coupon Code expires on June 30th! 

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