Swimsuit Season

June 1st is here. If you haven't already dug your swimsuit out from the bottom of the drawer you will probably soon be doing so. You may be excited about showing off your new sculpted body from losing weight or you may be dreading it wondering how you are going to keep covered up.

I'm at a place in between.

I am so proud of myself for losing the baby weight but at the same time my body is not the same it was a couple summers ago before I was pregnant with my son. I am not sure how to be comfortable in my body with my stretchmarks and little bit of extra skin where I used to have a flat stomach.

I'll admit that I am struggling.

It's difficult being a young mom when you look at all the celebrities who lose weight so quickly after having a baby. The weight magically disappears.

It's also difficult when you compare to other moms who seem to have less issues losing the baby weight. I know that I should not compare to others. That is where we lead ourselves down the twisting, dark roads of picking ourselves apart until we are entirely unhappy with ourselves. I prefer to not go that route, but sometimes I take that detour.

Body image is a hard thing to deal with.

 I finally purchased a pair of shorts last week (ones that are not workout shorts or bermudas) and plan to wear them this weekend. Another secret...I'm scared to wear them.

  I have a pair of old short shorts that incredibly can fit. I do not plan on wearing short shorts in public, not just because I am uncomfortable with showing too much skin but also my image has slightly changed as a momma as well. I like to be a little more modest than I did beforehand. :) However I still wanted to know how I looked in them.

I slipped them on. Ok, more like did a little dance while wiggling into them...;)

The truth.

I don't even remember what they looked like two summers ago. They looked perfectly fine on but I don't remember how they looked before.

I also think that's the point.

We are always having to adjust and become comfortable with our bodies. There may be select few out there that love every inch of their body truly. Most women have at least one trouble zone they like to focus on. A trick that truly works that is as old as I know (my short twenty-two years!) is focusing on the parts of your body that you truly love.

That is my challenge to you.

What do you love about your body?

I am going to focus on that for this swimsuit season. I'll even start a list to inspire you all and remind myself.

I love...
  •  My arms. They have become quite strong from toting a 27lb toddler around. And since he has been 25lbs since he was 6 months old I've been lifting that weight for over 6 months now!
  • My eyes. My husband loves them and my son has them too.
  • My booty. That's right. I said it. I love my rear end. It has a wonderful bubbly shape to it.

Enjoy your summer season and remember we are all beautiful in God's eyes. He made us each unique and most importantly His.  

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