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I know I have raved several times about Citrus Lane's amazingness. 

But. Seriously. 

They outdid themselves with the June box and I am anxiously awaiting the July box. The value of the June box was incredible. 

Here is a photo from their site of an example box from June.

This is actually the box that I received in June except for B's tambourine is yellow. 

The little owl is an adorable decal. I haven't decided where to put ours yet, but I am keeping it until I think of the perfect idea for it. The CD has some very fun songs that we've never heard before. The Veggie Art kit looks like so much fun. I haven't done the paints yet, but we did use the crayons and B loved them. The Toy and Table cleaner is super nice so I don't have to worry about chemicals in the cleaners I use on the things B uses. PLUS we received a $35.00 gift certificate to 

This is a great value for a $25.00 box shipped to you. 

Right now there is a wonderful promotion going on. 

Use code "20BOX" to receive 20% off a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription. 

I purchase the 6 month subscriptions. If you do the 6 month you pay $100 for 6 boxes shipped directly to you. That is $16.67 for each box! What a great deal! 

Sign up for Citrus Lane today and see what they are all about! 

July is "Bon Voyage" which is focused around making summer travel easier. You have to order before July 14th to receive it so order today. You won't regret it. It is my favorite box to open each month and B gets some super neat stuff. Stuff we probably wouldn't have purchased without Citrus Lane. 

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