My Personalized iPhone Case

I was super excited at the beginning of the month when I snagged a Plum District voucher for a personalized iPhone case for the iPhone I was going to purchase the next day.

First of all...this is my first smartphone ever and I am quite unsure how I ever lived without one. I absolutely love it. Instagram is probably my other new most favorite thing! So if you want to follow me on Instagram look for "shelbeyfaye". :)

Back to the case...I was able to score the voucher for 30% off with a promotion that was running at the time. Between the voucher and the shipping for the case I paid $31.50 for my personalize Otter Box! I feel that I received a pretty sweet deal. 

The only issue that I really had was the turnaround time for the case. After the Plum District voucher they must have been overflowing with orders. I ordered my case on July 1st and didn't receive it until July 26th. They did however mentioned to allow 12 business days before it even shipped out. I waited a bit longer than that. I am glad to now have my case, but wish I could have had it earlier in the month. 

iPhone case is from Boutique Me. The quality is great and I love how it isn't overly bulky. My husband has the Defender series from Otter Box and even though it is super protective it is really bulky when he puts it in his pocket. I feel that my phone is well protected with the Commuter series. And now it is super stylish with some personalized awesomeness. I am sure that my iPhone is going to make some other iPhones pretty jealous. 

Here is where I ordered from:


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  2. Since, the materials used to make the cheaper cases are not the quality of the more expensive cases, they will need to be replaced more often, suiting those who seek to change their style periodically. More costly options, can last the entire life of your device, or at least until you are ready to upgrade.



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