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These lovely boxes came in the mail yesterday. I received a coupon code from thredUP for my first order. I had been reluctant to try them out because I wasn't sure how buying used clothing via the internet would go. Would the clothes that showed up be in good shape? I had just mentioned to my husband that we needed to stock B up on clothes for the fall and winter. Our supply of clothes was really low. I like to buy ahead because I tend to get better deals that way. Plus I just had cashed out a nice chunk of change from doing surveys so I thought this would be a great opportunity to try them out.  With a set budget and an idea of what we needed to purchase I went online to thredUp and began putting things in my cart left and right. There were so many cute pieces!

I eventually had to narrow down my cart to fit my budget but felt that I got an amazing deal on so many clothes for B. I purchased 21 pieces of clothing. 

I received the clothes really quickly via USPS. I was amazed at their ability to quickly pack up everything I ordered and ship it out. I also loved the little handwritten "Enjoy!". There is just something about knowing they took the time to write it out by hand that makes it extra special. 

This is everything that I purchased. I was able to buy all of this for a little over $70 with my coupon. Not too bad I'd say! 
I purchased:

  • 2 pairs of jeans
  • 2 pairs of pants
  • 1 pair of sweatpants
  • A swim set with shorts and rashguard
  • 2 hoodies
  • 1 Winter coat
  • 7 long sleeve shirts
  • 4 button up shirts
Did I mention that it is all name brand?! Most everything is either Gap or Osh Kosh. There are a couple pieces that are Carter's and Gymboree as well. 

Here are some close ups...

Everything is in such amazing condition. Everything really appears to be "like new". I didn't find any flaws with anything. 

My little dude is going to be one well dressed man this fall thanks to thredUP.

I love that everything is good quality clothes. I know they are durable and will wear well. 

Want to try thredUP for yourself?

Sign up through this link and receive a $5.00 sign up credit!



  1. THREDUP is the worst Company to deal with. BEWARE!!!! Do not send them your clothing. I sent them a bag of between 25 & 30 items & after dozens of emails going back & forth & then they finally admitted they lost the bag, they issued me a $25. credit to buy clothes from their web site. I spent hours of my time trying to get to the bottom of where my bag went. They did receive it at their location & then gave me the run around, email after e-mail.
    When you call their phone number you will NEVER get someone to answer.
    This was the biggest waste of time & the sad part is I sent them top quality clothing that could have gone to someone who needed it.
    My best advice is to steer clear of this company & give your clothes to good will.
    Thredup did receive my clothing, then sold them & profited from it then issued me $25. for all the hassle they caused me over the last 5 months trying to get answers from them.

    1. I am sorry that you had a bad experience with them. I have never sent clothing to them. I have only purchased and I was very impressed with the quality of clothes as well as the quick shipment. They were a very pleasant company to purchase from.

  2. My experience was much like Kim's. I sent in a bag stuffed with hardly worn and new clothes. I got $38.88. I was told most of the clothes didn't meet their standards. If the clothes didn't meet their standards I would not have sent them! They listed a brand new pair of shoes that I sent in but did not give me credit for them. All I got was poor customer service.

  3. 35% off + free shipping on your first purchase at Use code KPC35 Good through 6/30/13. New customers only. :)


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