Mixing Up the Menu

We've really been stuck in a menu rut lately. I make a weekly menu for our dinners every weekend. All the menus are beginning to look the same and the food is starting to get really blah. 

So I decided to mix it up. 

Using Pinterest! My all time favorite site these days. 

This week I have 6 different recipes from Pinterest to make. Six! 

We have made two of them before but haven't had them for a long time. 

The menu for the week is:

Chicken Tacos! 

Mini Pizzas *One of our Favorites!*

Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs and Pasta
Super excited about this meal! 

Pancake Bites
Rosemary Pretzels & Cheese
This is another meal that I am super enthused about.

Taco Soup
We've had this once before and we loved it.

Chocolate Skillet Cake
I decided to make this for a fun dessert night. Yummy!

Planning a menu out really helps make your weekly cooking go smoothly and your weekly grocery shopping trip be productive and less expensive. I know each week what I need to purchase and I usually pair it around sales that they have. This week for all of the ingredients (had some in my pantry already) + breakfast meals + stuff for lunch = $70 for the week. I also purchased some non-food items such as body wash. It was a pretty good week for our food budget and we are super excited about the new meals to try. 

I hope to have at least 2-3 new Pinterest recipes added to my menu weekly now to make meals more fun and appealing. :) 

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