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September's Box will be shipping soon! 
Reserve your box by September 14th (TOMORROW)!

If you've never heard of Citrus Lane or you aren't sure of it. I promise you will not be disappointed. Citrus Lane is my absolute favorite company. I'm being honestly honest. I love them! My husband thinks I get the boxes more for me than for B. 

I love the surprise.
I love the items.
I love everything about it. 

Most of our favorite toys and necessity items we received from Citrus Lane. Our Fish sorter, our stacking cups, some bath toys, sunscreen, a cute summer hat, our favorite sippy straw cup, a couple snack bags/containers, a fun tambourine, music CD's that we love to play in the car and so much more. It has truly been one of the best company's that I have signed up to have monthly boxes with. 

This month their theme is "Animal Parade". How fun is that?!
I can't wait to receive our box. I have a feeling both B and I will love the items inside. 

So what are you waiting for? Try it out!

Use the promo code "SPRINGFUN" for 10% off a subscription. 

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