Finding a Balance

Finding a balance is truly the story of my life. Between being a stay at home mom to a precious 15 month old boy, caring for a wonderful 10 month old girl four mornings a week, being a full time online college student, coupon planning and shopping (sometimes to the extreme) so that we can save money, doing everything I can to earn an extra income to help out with expenses including online surveys, keeping our home clean, making sure we have breakfast, lunch and dinner, trying to find time to spend time with my friends, home projects, working on getting an inventory made up of my cross products for Women's Retreat in a week and spending time with my husband...I feel extremely busy and sometimes overwhelmed. 

I honestly do not know how mommas of more than one accomplish so much! I think after I am finished with school in the Spring I will wonder what to do with all my extra time. Until I find crafts and home projects to fill in, which will probably take me about two minutes! 

The key that I have to work on is finding a balance between it all. 

My priorities have to be adjusted and straightened out. 

Faith and family always come first. I will admit that I've even turned in an assignment late because it was just impossible to get it done without feeling like I was neglecting my family. My husband and my baby will never feel like they are second in my priorities. 

My second priority is keeping our budget in check. It is much less stressful if I control our spending, coupon like crazy to get us good food on the cheap and find the best possible deals for everything else. I kind of view this one as a game. It is very satisfying for me when I know that my family has everything that they need and more and we were able to comfortably afford it. Comfortably afford for me means we didn't go over budget and we put our normal amount of money in savings that month. I feel that I have been very blessed by God with the ability to coupon, sale and deal shop. :)

Third priority is my school work. Yes, it is third. It doesn't mean that it isn't important, because it is. I still am able to usually pull out "A" work and will be graduating in the Spring of 2013 if all goes well. It will be very wonderful to finally say that I have a Bachelor's degree. It is a sense of accomplishment that I am very proud of because of how hard I've had to work to squeeze school into my schedule of being a mom for the last two years of my college education. My Master's degree is up next...after a few years. I have decided to take a break for not only my sanity, but to concentrate on just being a momma. Plus we are really on a debt free kick and my Master's degree will cost up to $10,000. We'll start saving money so hopefully in the future we can pay cash for my Master's and still manage to be debt free. I know many people advise to keep going, but we honestly feel this is the best choice for me. I will be very thankful for a break too.

Life can be so extremely busy and my main thing is to enjoy every moment. If that means something doesn't get done, something does not get done.

I accept that. Even though it's hard. I like to be able to accomplish a lot, but sometimes I do manage to take on more than I can handle. 

Stress has really got a hold of me for the last couple weeks along with lack of sleep. My "Stress Formula" Multi-Vitamins do not seem to be helping. : ) 

Somehow...some way...I will find a balance. God always makes sure that I am taken care of. He wouldn't give me more than I can handle. 

Just breathe, enjoy the moments, and know that He is God and He will take care of you. 

That's a message for you and me!

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