Old Door Turned Wall Art

There was this old door that I absolutely loved that was sitting out in a man's backyard collecting dirt, rain and anything else that happened to fall upon it. I'm big into re-purposing and awesome, affordable decor so I wanted it. My father-in-law retrieved it for me after asking the man if he was going to do anything with it. I believe it was meant for the dump but instead it is now hanging up on my wall and I am love with it.

This project seemed to take us forever in the terms that we had the door in our garage forever until we finally decided to get after it and get it done. I put two coats of paint on. My husband had to take off the door knob, but we glued the door knob on the side showing back on with E6000 (Love that stuff!). I wanted the door knob. To me it just showed that it was a door and had more character. My husband and dad hung up the door with a mirror hanging kit so that it was sturdy and we knew that it wasn't going to fall down. 

I purchased the cheap $2 frames from Walmart. You do not really look much at the frames. The door and the photos are truly the main focus. We hung the pictures in each panel on the door with the 3D command strips. They worked really well. I didn't want to put any holes in the door in case I ever want to use the door for anything else in the future. 

Pictures truly do not do this door justice. It is absolutely gorgeous in person. I love that I can switch out the photos as well. I love seeing my child's smiling face all of the time in my decor. For me, photos of my family and friends are the best art that can be hung!

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