Teething Bling

Do you have a teething baby? 
Not sure how to keep a teething toy with you at all times so that your baby can make have something to relieve a little pain?

I highly recommend Teething Bling. 

Their necklaces are very pretty and I have even received compliments on them as a necklace. B loves when I wear mine because even when he isn't teething it gives him something that he can hold onto and play with. I also keep a little girl in the mornings and she absolutely loves my Teething Bling, which is wonderful because she loves to be held all of the time. She loves to chew on it.

I have two pieces but would love more. This is a must have if you have a teething baby. 

My favorite necklace is the one I wear the majority of the time...

This is the Jade Donut Shaped Pendant. 

I also have the Zebra, but only wear it around the house. It's a fun design, but the Jade tends to go with most of my outfits. :)

Check them out!

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