Being Grateful

I know I'm not the only one. 

The one that sometimes takes what seems like the little things for granted.

Like food.

But food is really a big thing.

Truly, it is. 

We came home from buying groceries last night and I was overcome with understanding when I began putting all of the groceries away. Our fridge is full. Our freezer is packed. Most of the cabinets in our kitchen have some sort of food item in it. There is food pouring out from every corner of our kitchen. 

You may be wondering why it seems we have such a large amount of food. I coupon and yes, I stockpile some items. I also do not have a very good system for organizing all of our food so it is literally everywhere. 

However, the point is that we have a lot of food. My husband and I never worry about being able to feed ourselves and our little boy. We always have more than enough. 

Somewhere out there, maybe even a neighbor there is a family struggling. They may constantly worry about being able to feed their children. Their children may go to bed hungry with their little tummies rumbling. They may be struggling in school because all they can think of is food. 

This is where we cannot afford to take the little things in our life, such as food, for granted. It is a huge blessing that God has given us. We are not hungry. We do not have to worry about our children getting enough to eat. We do not have to struggle when it comes to physical nourishment for our bodies. 

As we enter the Holiday season may we remember that our giving season should not be limited to Christmastime, but the giving season should continue all year long.

We are blessed. We are full. We have much.

May we use the blessings in our life to bless others around us. 

May Christ be at the center of our hearts and may we allow His love to shine through us always. 

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