Free Glasses

A few months ago I ordered my first pair of free glasses from Coastal. I am so happy with them! I have not had new glasses for a very long time and I was overdue for some new specs. 

I ended up paying around $13.00 for shipping and handling but the glasses and lenses were completely free. My prescription suggested thinner, lighter lenses for my glasses however I didn't want to pay the extra fee. I wanted to see what the free glasses would get me. I only wear my glasses every once in awhile plus late at night when I take my contacts out. 

The frames are amazing. I went for a totally different style then what I was used to (smaller, thinner frames). It took me awhile to really like them but now I really do love them. I picked out some Derek Cardigan frames, but I noticed some really lovely ones under the brand Joseph Marc. Too bad I can't get another free pair. I think I'd like to try one of those too! 

To receive your free pair of glasses enter the code "FIRSTPAIRFREE" at check out.

If you need new glasses, what do you have to lose? 

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