Great Deal on Flowers

Would you like to send someone flowers but it just seems too expensive to do so?
Flower are pricey.
Especially delivered flowers. 

Plum District has a great deal today!

Right now you can buy a $45 voucher for $20 or an $80 voucher for $35 to purchase flowers from Organic Bouquet. 

Two great things about this deal.

1- You can apply your voucher towards shipping.
2- Today there is an extra promotional code to take an extra 20% off. 

So for $16 you get a $45 voucher or for $28 you get an $80 voucher with the promo code. 

Go here:

Put the flower deal in your cart and add the promo code "Celebrate20" for 20% off.

Go on! Surprise someone with some amazing flowers and you didn't even have to break the budget to do it. 

But go fast because the promo code expires in about 15 hours!

I think I am even going to schedule to have my own flowers delivered to me on my birthday. 
But I love flowers and I love good deals.
Win. Win.

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