November Citrus Lane + Promo Code

Hello again!
Here is my November Citrus Lane Review. I am a little behind this month (the holidays and school are so busy!). This month the theme of the box was "Fun With Food". I thought the items were very appropriate for the theme. The box I receive was for an 18 month old boy. 

We received 5 items. 
-Plan Toys Fish Castanets Set of Two
-Green Eats Set of Four Snack Bowls
-Goodbyn Small Meals
-Plum Organics Training Meals
-Juice Beauty Nutrient Moisturizer 

There was also a promo code for 20% off + free shipping from Tiny Prints. I do not count this into the value of the box since I probably will not use it. 

The Fish Castanets are very cute. I was glad to have some sort of toy included this month that was more age appropriate. The bowls have already came in handy. B does a lot of snacking and he loves to say bowl. We have yet to use the Goodbyn Small Meal container yet. I've never heard of these before so it was a pretty neat item to be included in the box. I am sure that at some point it will be very useful. We haven't tried the Plum Organics Training Meals, however B doesn't eat a lot of "baby food". He likes to eat what we eat. It may be gifted to a friend. I like the Juice Beauty Moisturizer, but I honestly wish that the value of the mom's gift wasn't included in the value of the box. I would have preferred to have something else for B than for me to add to the value. Don't get me wrong, I love receiving stuff for myself too. I just think that if it is going to be included it truly should be a gift. 

We love Citrus Lane and just renewed for another 6 month subscription. I am hoping that the boxes become how they were when we first began receiving them though. It seems the value has really went down over the last few months. One of our first boxes had so much that B truly enjoyed (the fish sorter, a CD, books). I can't remember it all, I just know that my husband and I were beyond impressed. I think they are trying to take the feedback from everyone and apply it. I hope anyways!

Here are some random photos of our box. At the end I will have a link where you can subscribe plus a promo code. 

Use the code "SPRINGFUN" for 10% off!


  1. Our sons seem to be only about a month in age apart, but we got a couple different things from what you got. I agree about the value of the boxes having gone down since I first subscribed in June. I was disappointed with the Tiny Prints deal because I felt that it wasn't anything special since the website had a better deal advertised right on the Tiny Prints site anyway. And the Juice Beauty lotion was great at first, but then made me break out. You can see my review here if you'd like.

    1. Jessica,
      I completely agree. I was much more happy with the ecomom offer in the December box. The Juice Beauty lotion also made me begin to break out later on.


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