The End is Near

A couple week's ago I submitted my request to graduate! 

I am so close to being finished and I am very very excited. It feels like it has been a very long journey, but in reality it only took me an extra year to graduate than the typical four years. That's not too bad considering that I've attended four different colleges, I made a few moves, met and married my wonderful husband and had my beautiful baby boy who is now 17 months old. Life sure had a lot planned for me in my early twenties but it has been a blast and I am so glad I've been able to completely experience life while completing my education. 

I will have a Bachelor of Science in Psychology plus all students of Barclay college are required to take a certain amount of Bible classes to be able to graduate with a Bachelor's in Bible as well. So I will have a double major which is pretty awesome. I've really enjoyed my Bible classes as well as I feel that I have been able to explore my faith and the history of Christianity and the church really in depth. I feel this gives me a great background for my future career. 

The plan will be to eventually continue on for a Master's degree so I can become a school counselor. However, I will be taking a well needed break for a few reasons. 
1) We will be saving up for my Master's degree. We do not want to take out any loans if necessary. 
2) I'm ready to enjoy being a stay at home mom without school. 
3) I'm just ready for a break. Period. 

I am finishing up one of my 6 week courses right now and I have three left until graduation. I will have to complete one course in the Fall of 2013, because it is not available in time for me before graduation, but I will be able to walk in May. 

I love the structure of Barclay online classes. They are 6 week intensive classes. The only thing that isn't as fun is that there are not breaks, except for a one week break for Christmas. I've been speeding ahead constantly with classes because there is no time to rest between. It becomes a little crazy and I've burned out a few times and had to find my light again. However it allows you to completely focus on one class at a time which is great for me. So I have 18 more weeks of classes before graduation. I will actually be finished with my classes end of March, so I have a whole month of nothing before graduation. Whew! The end is certainly near. 

It hasn't been easy, but it has been so worth it. 
Graduation here I come!

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