2012 Reflection

The year of 2012 has been full of blessings from God. I am truly grateful for them as I reflect back on this past year. God has taken care of us and He has provided for us in so many ways.  

Bryson had many firsts this year and we celebrated many fun holidays/events this year.  

He began pulling up to everything at the beginning of the year.

We tried cloth diapering. It worked for a few months, but B began developing a rash and no matter what I tried with the diapers He would still get them. Plus they also got a little snug really quickly being a one size diaper. Maybe with Baby #2 they will work better!

His first Easter.

He began walking in May at 11 months.

Our house was painted in May and we purchased a new storm door. Big changes for our home!

We celebrated his 1st birthday!

 He enjoyed a lot of time outside this summer with his little pool and the hose. 

 Justin and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary on June 12th. 

Bryson celebrated his second 4th of July, but one that he actually enjoyed a bit more.

We took Bryson on his first trip to Colorado on an Admissions trip to Camp Quaker Ridge. 

 We took our second trip to the zoo with Bryson (and third later on).

We remodeled our bedroom. Peeled wallpaper, mudded and taped, skim coated, textured, painted, ripped up carpet, put a clear coat on our wood floors, put up a new barn door headboard, new ceiling fan and we still have more to do!

We went on Bryson's first train ride on a little train in Lemon Park in Pratt.

Bryson had his first hair cut.

We began doing a little landscaping around the house starting with the front flower beds. Pretty purple mums!

 Bryson enjoyed his second Halloween dressed as a lion.

We celebrated our second Thanksgiving together with Bryson at my parent's house. Which was their last Thanksgiving in the house they built. They are moving this next spring to be closer to us which we are very thrilled about.

Bryson had a big announcement to make at the beginning of December!

We had a very blessed Christmas as a family. Bryson is almost 19 months old and I am 14 weeks pregnant. 

We have had a very wonderful year together as a family. Along with all the family moments and precious times spent with Bryson we have also been blessed financially. 

In August I started watching a little girl a few months younger than Bryson during the week on school mornings. That has provided us with a little bit of extra income which we are saving as much as possible. I also had a great end of the year with my marble and wire crosses between Women's Retreat and Christmas orders. We were very blessed and now have funds to begin transforming our guest room into a big boy room for Bryson. 

Also just yesterday we paid off my last student loan. We are officially debt free! This year we were able to pay off the rest of my student loans and our car. We have been very aware of where our money is going this year and we knew that getting out of debt so we can save as much as possible for a down payment on a house was the goal that we wanted to work towards. It will still be many years before we have a good amount for a down payment, but we are well on our way and it feels great. 

We also were able to start tithing 10% off our gross income, something we didn't know was possible since it was such a large chunk of money. But we know that God can do so much more with our money than we can and He always provides for us. We have had many God moments where the money has just been provided for us. We know that being good stewards of the money God has blessed us with and giving back to Him has allowed us to be so blessed financially this year. 

This last year I also lost all the baby weight right before Bryson's 1st birthday. That was very difficult for me since weight issues have never been a problem in my past. I put on 53 pounds with Bryson (too much if you ask me!). I hope to not do that this time around. I lost all the weight so I can gain again. I've been told that's how it all works anyways. :) However I feel very blessed that I am pregnant again and have been given the gift of life again inside of me. 

With all of the positives in our year of 2012, Justin and I also suffered through one of the lowest times of our marriage so far. We miscarried in August when I was between 6-7 weeks along. It was a low point. The feeling of loss is great and to know there was life that was inside of me that was taken is still difficult to realize. However, God led us through that difficult time and blessed us again with a healthy pregnancy not long after that miscarriage. 

Life has been a wonderful journey during the year of 2012. We are very excited for what God has planned for us for 2013. We already know some exciting events that will be occurring. I will graduate from Barclay College with my Bachelor's in Psychology in May, my parents will be moving here after the school year is up, we will celebrate Bryson's second birthday, Justin and I will celebrate our third anniversary and we will be welcoming a new baby boy or girl at the end of June/beginning of July. 

One thing we have learned is life goes by quickly, especially with a child. We can't imagine how fast it will speed by with two! 

I hope that everyone has a blessed and joyous 2013! 

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