BIG News!

B is going to be a big brother! I am currently 10 weeks pregnant and due around June 30th, 2013. B will turn 2 a little less than a month before the arrival of his baby sister or baby brother. We feel very blessed that God has given us another gift of life. We love being parents and know that big changes are about to hit our household with the fact that we will have a two year old and a newborn. How wonderful and exciting! 

Our summer will be filled with many events of change. I will graduate from Barclay College in May. I will walk the stage 7 months pregnant at the beginning of May. In June we will celebrate B's 2nd birthday, celebrate our 3rd anniversary, help my parents move to the Haviland area and prepare for the arrival of the little one at the end of June (or beginning of July if B's little brother or sister is anything like he was!). There will be some home projects as we move B to the front bedroom and prepare the nursery for the baby. We will be working on B's big boy room for many weekends I am sure.

Then when the baby arrives... the adjusting really begins! 

Praise God for the big blessings in little packages!

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