B's Christmas Gifts

This year I wondered how much other people spent on their children for Christmas. We set back $75 each month for all Christmas and Birthday gifts in the family. These Christmas gifts include both sides of our family, even an extended family Christmas where we purchase stocking stuffers for everyone. Between all of those Christmas gifts and Birthday presents that money goes by super quickly. 

This year I budgeted $100 for all of Bryson's Christmas gifts. I feel like we did a good job and I hope that he loves them all. The retail price of all of the gifts was $243 and I spent $96.69. 

Here is a list of his gifts. . .

This may have not been my best purchase but I thought it was.  This is Bryson's "big gift".  I purchased this for  $63 and it retails for $120. So I used a huge chunk of my budget on it. I was super excited about it. Then my husband began to put it together. The instructions were horrible and the plastic is cheap. He was very frustrated with it. The noises that it makes are super super loud and there is no volume control. You end up having to plug it in a lot to charge for minimal usuage (which may be a good thing with how noisy it is). You live, you learn I guess. I'm sure B will still love it. 

I can't wait to get this out and try it! There are so many awesome reviews on the Cloud B. Turtle.  This retails for $35 and I purchased it for $12.96 shipped. All my prices included shipping. Shipping, for me, should always be included in the prices that you pay for items. 

This is not the exact Little People Farm I purchased for B. I bought his at a garage sale. I was able to purchase it for around $5 and from price comparisons it should retail around $40 new. It was very used and very dirty from little grubby children hands. My husband disinfected and cleaned the entire thing. I'm excited about this one because B is loving making different animal sounds right now. I'm sure this toy will become a favorite and it looks much better, almost new after being spiffed up. 

B is only getting two of these cars. The website I purchased hem from had individual Green Toys cars. I'm not sure if these are the exact same. I had a credit on the site so I got two of these shipped free for B. Retail $10.

Veggie Tales Double Feature. I know these are "girly" movies but I thought he would still enjoy them. 

I'm excited to have some Veggie Tales movies. We only have one right now. I was able to purchase all four of these movies for $15.53 shipped. Retail $30.

This just looked too fun. It may be a little old for him now, but he'll like it soon enough.  I had a credit to this site so I was able to get it shipped free. It retails for $8. 

I hope that B will love his gifts. I never know if you purchase *enough* for you child, but we purchased what we could afford this year. I also feel like I got some awesome deals. It helps me when I shop throughout the year to get the most I can on our budget. 

We do not have to purchase Bryson stocking stuffers. Stockings are my family's tradition and my mom fills all of them. We are very blessed! :)


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