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Once again I am going to say that I love thredUP. I know that there have been complaints from people sending in their clothes and not receiving the amounts they expected to. I've never shipped clothing to thredUP. I've only purchased and I have been more than pleased with the quality of clothes that I receive for the amount that I paid. 

I had a coupon code for 30% off my purchase that was going to expire at the end of December. I knew I better use it especially since a growing boy always needs new clothes. Currently B is in size 2T and he has been for awhile. He continues to grow and grow and some of his 2T shirts already seem a little small, but they still fit. I decided to purchase 3T clothes for the Spring and Summer 2013 for B. 

I received a ton of clothes for B for a total of $66 after my coupon code. Not too bad considering a majority of the clothing that I bought was Gap, Gymboree or Osh Kosh. I also purchased a few Old Navy and Children's Place pieces because they were adorable. However after purchasing from thredUP I can really say that the first three are my top favorites to buy from them. They are very nice pieces of clothing that I wouldn't be able to afford directly from the store. 

I received:
4 pairs of jeans/cargo shorts
4 pairs of athletic shorts
1 pair of swim trunks
4 polo shirts
9 t-shirts

I am so excited for B to wear these adorable clothes! I have to say that I think my little man is pretty well dressed and it's mainly due to thredUP. 

If you'd like to try thredUP for yourself sign up here.

You will receive $10 for signing up (I receive $10 as well once you purchase. Many thanks if you do!).
There are a couple promo codes floating around that may or may not work.

"HOLIDAY15" will take off $15 off a $15 purchase (not including shipping).
"FAN10" takes 10% off the total of the clothing before shipping. 

Start to stock up for your little ones! Their selection is amazing. It takes me a couple hours to pick out everything that I want, but I am able to do it from the comfort of my home. Love that! :)

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