15 Weeks. . .the bump has popped!

I've been doing a ton of research on pregnancy again, especially pregnancy with your second. It seems that with many women the bump appears much sooner with each pregnancy. I can now say that is the truth for me. The bump officially made it's appearance within the last week and at 15 weeks pregnant with this little one (weight gain of only 2 pounds over pre-pregnancy weight) I have a much larger bump than I did with B at this point in my first pregnancy. 

Keep growing Baby Kendall! I pray you will be healthy and strong. I pray that you find your home within your momma to be safe, warm and cozy. I pray that I will give you the nutrition that you need (and also enjoy the sweets that I've been craving with you). I pray that you can hear your big brother screaming and that you forgive him for the times that he may have bounced on momma's belly trying to get her attention. I pray that you can hear the sweet words that your daddy says to your momma and know that you will be entering a world of love. I pray that you can feel the affection from your daddy and big brother as they place little kisses on momma's tummy. I pray for all of these things for you and so much more. 

You are so dearly loved and you have not yet entered into the world. I will enjoy and cherish the time that I get to know that you are within me, that I will be the first one to feel your gentle movements, that we get this time to bond. Grow sweet baby, know that you are so very loved and that you have a loving family who is anxiously awaiting your arrival. 

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