December Citrus Lane Review and Coupon Codes

This is a super late review over our December Citrus Lane box and I apologize. The Christmas season was very busy for us and my first trimester sickness was causing even less energy. I do not have any pictures of B opening up his box this month or using any items inside. However, I can talk about my impression with the box overall and of each item that was inside. 

December's box was titled "A few of our favorite things". 
The hype of this box was great. I know that many mommas were ecstatic about the possibilities. I believe that we received our money's worth on the box, but there were also a couple items that I was overly impressed with. 

B's box was put together for a 19 month old boy. 

First off my favorite item in this box was the Green Toys Airplane.

This item is really awesome. B loves it and his daddy and I do too. We love so many things about Green Toys and were very excited to see an item from them included in the box. We love that it is such an eco-friendly toy, it's colorful, it's made in the USA and that it's just overly cool. B likes to drive his around and say "beep beep". He hasn't quite understood that he can fly it, but he does love to drive it around. :) The retail of this item is $14.99.

We received this Pearhead Brag Book. We do not use a lot of photobooks. The internet has made it easy to make custom photobooks that are all printed and ready to present. I never have photos lying around to put into something like this. Plus when I want to show people pictures of B I usually whip out my phone. However, this could make a great gift for grandparents filled with some photos of B. It's sitting in a pile of things I'm not sure what to do with. I can say that it looks to be of great quality. Retails for $8.95. 

There was a CD included. Renee & Jeremy's It's a Big World CD to be exact. Honestly, I haven't even opened this CD yet. We have enjoyed a couple other CDs in previous Citrus Lane boxes while traveling in the car, so this may get some future use. Maybe. We do not listen to a lot of CD's in the house. I like to keep our DirectTV on the Contemporary Christian station when we listen to music. I can't give you feedback on whether or not the music is great either. This is one of those things that's in my pile of things I don't know what to do with as well. Retails for $12.00.

B went through a stage where he stopped eating all food in pouches all together. He refused them and shook his head with a definite "no". However, he pulled this directly out of the box and wanted me to open it. He ate half of it and liked it, but never finished the second half. It's always fun to get one food item in the box, but B isn't always sure of the pouches. We've always loved the yogurt melts and such that have been included in the past. (hint, hint). Retails for $1.29.

A Madescasse 75% Cocoa Mini Chocolate Bar was included for momma in the box. This was not my favorite item included for moms in a Citrus Lane box. Retails for $1.50. 

I was very excited to see an ecomom gift certificate in the box. Ecomom is one of my favorite sites to shop (when I have a coupon!). I love the options on their site. The coupon was for $15 off anything on their site. I haven't used mine yet. I keep watching different items and crossing my fingers for a free shipping day. I didn't have my Citrus Lane box on free shipping day, which would have made for a free toy for B with free shipping. Hopefully by the end of the month something will come up. 

Overall, I thought the December Citrus Lane box had a mix of wonderful items and some that I didn't particularly care for. However, I know with any company items will be hit and miss with all moms. I am very anxious about our January box and hope that there will be some goodies that B will love in it. I'd love to see more toy items or items that B can directly use. The box is for him and the only thing that he is still enjoying from his December box is the airplane. 

We'll see what 2013 will bring!

If you'd like to try Citrus Lane out there are a couple of coupon codes out there.

If you are a first time subscriber and would like to try one month use the code "TAKEHALF" for 50% off your first box. This makes a box only $12.50 shipped. This is how I tried out Citrus Lane for the first time.

If you'd like to do more than one month use the code "SPRINGFUN" or "BREAK10" for 10% off a subscription. 

Sign up here:

Citrus Lane just announced some great changes and now if you sign up through my link you get $10 off and I get $10! How awesome is that?! 

I do get a credit if you sign up through my link. Thank you so much if you do. This is how we can afford to keep B receiving Citrus Lane boxes, especially with a second baby on the way!

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