New Year's Resolution's

So I didn't exactly write out a list on New Year's Eve or even New Year's Day. I actually didn't even have a plan to make any resolutions. However, I've decided there are a few things that I would like to change or improve upon in the coming year. With the realization that life keeps passing me by too quickly, my baby boy is no longer a baby and we are making room for the second baby I've become a little overwhelmed and in desperate need of some sort of list in order to control myself from completely going crazy. 

So I am just going to dive right in and make my list now while writing this blog post. It's never too late to write out a few goals for this wonderful year of 2013. 

  1. Take more photos of life with our good camera. Don't get me wrong, I love my iPhone and the capability that I have to snap a photo at any given moment because I usually have it with me. However, the quality is just not the same as taking it with our camera. I am out of practice of using our camera on at least a weekly basis. Starting at about 11 months the amount of photos I took of Bryson began diminishing quickly. I don't want to look back in 20 years, heck 6 months, and wonder why I didn't take more photos of my babies growing up or of Justin and I enjoying the life that God has given us. This is one of my priorities. 
  2. Simplify. It's not that our house is too small for us. The problem is that we have too much stuff. We continue to accumulate without getting rid of stuff. Every little space is crammed with junk. Some of it we may need, but most of it we rarely if ever use. Why have it? I want to get rid of the stuff. Focus on our needs and a few of our wants. I want to be able to walk into one room in my house without thinking that I have no space to put anything. Plus, with a second baby making his/her arrival this summer I feel as if I need to be prepared with space. The baby stuff will eventually come out of storage and we are not putting anything back up in storage. All of B's toys stay out. This means we really do need to simplify so we do not feel like our house is in constant disarray. 
  3. Organize. Along with simplifying comes organizing. I feel as if our house truly needs this. I want to be able to go into a closet without having to search for a few minutes to find something. I have a feeling with the less stuff that we have the easier it will be to organize effectively. 
  4. Read my Bible more often. This is something that I feel I really need to do for my relationship with God. Too often I put it off and then find so many other things that I think takes priority over this because I have certain deadlines with homework or the kitchen is a complete disaster. Even if it is a verse a day I want to be able to be more involved in the Word. 

Those are my resolutions for 2013. I don't want to make too many and know that I won't be able to accomplish them all. If I can incorporate these into my life this year then I can add something new next year and it won't feel like a big deal. :) I think that's how it is suppose to happen anyways! 

I've already starting working on Resolution #1. 

This is what happens when you say "smile" these days! :)

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