Praising Him In All I Do

One child crying and throwing a fit because I won't let him have my phone to play with the "baby" app on my iPhone. 

The other child screaming and grabbing at me because...well I have no idea. Sometimes toddlers just do that to keep you guessing!

I look around and I have my textbooks piled up on a dining table full of random papers, bills, the budget book, my planner, the camera, a comb, sonogram photographs, packages to send out, a paycheck that is less due to federal tax increases and my cup full of iced green tea, flavored of course. 

I don't dare look at the floor underneath with the toys piling up everywhere because when you have two toddlers in the morning they can destroy a room quicker than you can pick it up. 

I begin to wonder...

Wonder how I keep my sanity. 

Wonder how I can possibly accomplish anything.

Wonder why I feel so challenged and then know that if I didn't feel challenged I would be bored. 

Wonder if all of this matters. 

I know it does, but sometimes I begin to wonder if I'll ever have it under control. 

I flipped open to January 31st on my (in)courage Inspirational Dayspring Daybrightner

Today there is a quote from Tsh Oxenreider from Simple Mom. 

"From God's perspective, there is no difference between twilight hours of Scripture reading and running our daughter to ballet class with a happy heart. Our moments of paying bills on time and sweeping the floor under the highchair are as glorious as kneeling before  His throne, hands upward in praise."

I needed those words today. 

If we do everything for Him, in all matters. Every little things that we do in our lives. We can glorify Him in everything that we do, no matter if it's something that seems like it is not important. 

I am thankful that God has given me the opportunity to stay at home with my little man and soon my little girl too. I am thankful that I am able to make a small extra income watching another sweet girl in the mornings during the week. I am thankful that I have the stuff that is piled high on the table. I am thankful that my child has all of the toys that he does have scattered everywhere on the floor. God has blessed us richly and as long as we keep living for Him, we will not only be praising Him in all that we do but we will see these blessings in our life. 

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